About Us

Introduction of IRDECA:

IRDECA is a German company that, by transferring German technology, knowledge and techniques to manufacturers in various industrial fields, is trying to transfer the quality and durability of German products to low price manufacturers, and eventually German quality products will be available to traders and buyers at the expense of China. IRDECA owns dozens of brands, including Green Shoes, We Match, willval  which buyers can use with German quality. 
Why should cooperate with IRDECA:
Imagine that growing your business is in Sheikh Zayed Street in Dubai, as the most modern and one of the most commercial cities in the world, and at the same time, the roots of your business in Germany are strengthened as the most stable world's economy, and your products in the golden triangle of the Kuala Lumpur city in Malaysia are retail and wholesale to businessmen and ordinary people.
Nowadays, this commerce with having offices or representatives in Germany, the United Arab Emirates and Malaysia, there will be three characteristics, respectively: first, the use of German credit and commercial infrastructure in order to stabilize the trade; second, sales growth to dozens of consumer countries through Dubai, as a boom in business in the short-term; and third, retail sales in East of Asia to the most densely populated part of the earth to provide liquidity. Therefore, with these three centers, a very stable, high-liquidation and high-content business will be produced and sold. This is the reason why companies and factories are cooperating with IRDECA.


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